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Infineon Devices

XMC4000 Family

XMC1000 Family

XC16x/C16x Family

C500/C800/XC800 Family

Infineon Device Overview

Learning Platform
MDK-ARM Version 5 The new Infineon ARM Cortex-M based families XMC1000 and XMC4000 are the natural upgrade path for users that want to enter the 32-bit microcontroller space. Keil MDK-ARM Version 5 supports all XMC devices including full-featured middleware.
  • New! XMC1000
    The Infineon XMC1000 family addresses industrial applications which, to date were reserved for 8-bit microcontrollers. XMC1000 MCUs feature high-performance peripherals including PWM timers, 12-bit A/D converters, programmable serial communication interfaces, touch control, LED interfaces, and acceleration for motor control.
     Free MDK for XMC1000
  • XMC4000
    The Infineon XMC4000 family is based on the ARM® Cortex®-M4 processor, which enables advanced signal control with a DSP instruction set and a floating point unit. The XMC4000 family is fully supported in Keil MDK Version 5.

Development Tools

Keil development tools provide comprehensive support for Infineon device families in a complete development environment for creating, debugging and verifying embedded applications.

  • MDK Version 5 (Microcontroller Development Kit)
    (Includes ARM Compiler, µVision IDE/Debugger, RTX RTOS, TCP/IP networking suite, USB Device and Host, GUI, and File System libraries.)
  • ULINKpro Debug and Trace Unit
    (JTAG/SWD/SWV target debugger and trace interface)
  • ULINK2 Debug Adapter
    (JTAG/SWD/SWV target debugger interface)
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8051 and C166 Devices

Keil/Infineon Spring 2012 Brochure Keil has a long history supporting Infineon microcontroller families and provides industry leading tools for XC800 and XC166/XC2000.
  • C500/C800/XC800
    The Infineon C500, C800, and XC800 devices provide unique features found in few other 8051-compatible devices. These devices are fully supported by Keil C51 Development Tools.
  • XC16x/XE16x/XC2000
    Infineon 16-bit devices offer a rich portfolio, with enhanced features and computing performance for real-time embedded control applications. OCDS (on-chip debugging system) is available on many devices and is supported by the Keil ULINK2 USB Debug Adapter. These devices are fully supported by Keil C166 Development Tools.
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