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CMSIS-RTOS RTX is a royalty-free, deterministic real-time operating system implementing the CMSIS-RTOS API, a generic RTOS interface for Cortex-M processor-based devices. Keil RTX version 4 implements CMSIS-RTOS v1, whereas Keil RTX 5 implements the latest CMSIS-RTOS v2 API.

Modern microcontroller applications frequently have to serve several concurrent activities. RTX manages the switching between the activities. Each activity gets a separate thread which executes a specific task and to simplify the program structure. CMSIS-RTOS RTX is scalable and additional threads can be added easily at a later time. Threads have a priority allowing faster execution of time-critical parts of a user application.

CMSIS-RTOS RTX offers services needed in many real-time applications, such as periodical activation of timer functions, memory management, and message exchange between threads with time limits.


What's new in CMSIS-RTOS v2 and Keil RTX v5?

The new CMSIS-RTOS API v2 addresses new requirements such as dynamic object creation, support for ARMv8-M, and full support of C++ run-time environments. This webinar recording compares the CMSIS-RTOS API versions and shows how to utilize the new features in Keil RTX5, the first real-time operating system that implements the new API as its native RTOS interface for ARM Cortex-M processor-based devices.


Included in MDK Version 5 - No additional cost to use a commercial level RTOS.
CMSIS-RTOS RTX (including source code) is shipped with Keil MDK Version 5. This full-featured, commercial grade RTOS is fully configurable and has no restrictions. It is shipped under the permissive Apache 2.0 license and is fully developed on GitHub.

Easy to Use - Reduced learning curve, faster product development.
CMSIS-RTOS RTX is well supported within the µVision IDE/Debugger, which features RTX aware tools enabling you to quickly debug your RTX applications.

Safe and Secure - Reliable and secure operation.
  • CMSIS-RTOS RTX is PSA certified and naturally integrates with Platform Security Architecture API.
  • There is a safety-certified variant of CMSIS-RTOS RTX available as part of Arm Run-Time System for functional safety applications (FuSa RTS).



TUV-certified Arm Safety Run-Time System

Royalty-Free - No on-going costs.
There are no run-time royalty payments or other hidden charges. Ship your RTX based products without further fees or recurring costs.

Flexible Scheduling - Choose the best scheduling for your application.
CMSIS-RTOS RTX offers various kernel scheduling options, allowing you to use the best suited one in your application.

  • Pre-emptive - each thread has a different priority and will run until a higher priority thread is ready to run. This is commonly used in interactive systems where a device may be in standby or background mode until some input is sent to it.
  • Round-Robin - each thread will run for a fixed period of CPU run-time (time slice). Data loggers/system monitors typically employ round-robin scheduling, to sample all sensors or data-sources in turn with no prioritization.
  • Co-operative - each thread will run until it is told to pass control to another thread or reaches a blocking OS call. Co-operative multi-tasking can be seen in applications that require a fixed order of execution.

Deterministic Behavior - Known behavior for time critical tasks.
CMSIS-RTOS RTX delivers fully deterministic behavior meaning that events and interrupts are handled within a predefined time (deadline). Your application can rely on consistent and known process timings.

Designed for Embedded Systems - Uses the minimum amount of system memory.
CMSIS-RTOS RTX is specifically written for applications running on ARM Cortex-M based MCUs. It runs quickly and requires only minimal MCU resources with a memory footprint as small as 5KB (ROM).

Source Code Access - Useful for certification.
The source code is included in all MDK editions. Use it if your product requires certification.

Migration Paths

Keil RTX5 is a new implementation that natively supports the CMSIS-RTOS v2 API. Using a compatibility layer provides CMSIS-RTOS v1 API compliance. You can even intermix both API layers in the same project.

Keil RTX5 Compatibility Layer
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