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CoreSight Connectors

There are several target connectors which are used to connect to an ARM target system. They enable debug and trace units such as the ULINK family of debug adapters to physically connect to the target system in order to program, debug, and gather trace information. Each connector has been defined for particular use cases and has specific benefits.

Target Connectors

10-Pin Cortex Connector

10-Pin Cortex Debug Connector

The Cortex Debug Connector provides support for Serial Wire and JTAG interface modes in a very small, low cost 10-pin (0.05") connector. This new style connector provides access to all SWD, SWV, and JTAG signals available on a Cortex-Mx device.

A 10-pin header (Samtec FTSH-105-01) is specified with these dimensions:
0.25" x 0.188" (6.35 mm x 4.78 mm).

The 10-pin Cortex Debug Connector is supported by ULINK2 and ULINKPro.

20-Pin Cortex + ETM Connector

20-Pin Cortex Debug + ETM Connector

This small 20-pin (0.05") connector provides access to SWD, SWV, JTAG, and ETM (4-bit) signals available on a Cortex-M3/M4/M7 device.

A 20-pin header (Samtec FTSH-110-01) is specified with dimensions:
0.50" x 0.188" (12.70 mm x 4.78 mm).

The Cortex Debug + ETM Connector is supported by ULINKPro.

20-Pin ARM JTAG Connector

20-Pin ARM Standard JTAG Connector

The ARM standard JTAG connector has been used for many years in systems with ARM processors.

It supports the JTAG interface for accessing ARM7 and ARM9 based devices. For Cortex-Mx devices, it supports Serial Wire and JTAG interfaces for accessing all SWD, SWV, and JTAG signals available on a Cortex-Mx device.

The header (e.g. a Samtec: TST-110-01-L-D) is a 20-Pin, 0.10" (2.54 mm) pitch connector with these these dimensions: 1.3" x 0.365" (33 mm x 9.27mm).

The ARM standard JTAG connector is supported by ULINK2, ULINK-ME, and ULINKPro.

38-Pin ARM ETM Mictor Connector

The Mictor (Matched Impedance ConnecTOR) has been the standard way to connect a trace probe to an ARM target. It supports up to 32-bit ETM trace and is really intended for use with very high-speed ARM processors such as Cortex-R4 and Cortex-A9. Cortex-M7 supports 16-bit data trace using the Mictor connector. This is only available with DS-5 using a DSTREAM debug and trace unit.

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