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IoT end-node devices collect, process, and exchange data. Such devices are usually connected to a cloud service that provides processing power, data analytics, and storage capabilities. One of these services is the Google Cloud IoT Core.

Users of MDK-Middleware, which includes the IPv4/IPv6 network component and Mbed TLS, can use our IoT Client for communication with the Google Cloud Platform. This makes deployment of IoT end-node devices easy, reliable, and secure.

Software flow

Software flow for Google Cloud

First, the application initializes and starts the CMSIS-RTOS v2 based real-time operating system. Then, it initializes and prepares the network stack which should be active at that point.

Note: The MQTT client in this case uses TLS sockets (for a secure connection) through the ::Security:mbed TLS interface. The latter also uses the ::IoT Utility:Socket (API) for underlying TCP sockets or the native interface in case of the network component of MDK-Professional.

The MQTT client is then used through its API: MQTTClient.h, MQTTPlatform.h, and MQTTPacket.h:

  • The client connects to the server on socket level by calling the functions NetworkInit and NetworkConnectTLS (for a secure connection) (from MQTTPlatform.h). The CA certificate for server verification can be provided and optionally a client certificate and private key for client authentication (if requested by the server) (refer to the user code template ::IoT Client:MQTTClient-C:Certificates).
  • Provide a private key for the Jason Web Tokens (JWT) (template ::IoT Client:Google:Device Private Key).
  • The JWT is generated with the function google_iot_jwt (from google_iot.h)
  • The MQTT client connects on MQTT level using MQTTClientInit and MQTTConnect (MQTTClient.h), using the GOOGLE_IOT_CLIENT_ID macro for the client ID and the JWT as the password.
  • The MQTT client exchanges messages using MQTTPublish and MQTTSubscribe (MQTTClient.h)
  • Disconnect the MQTT from the server on socket level by calling NetworkDisconnect (MQTTPlatform.h)

The user code template ::IoT Client:Google:Simple Demo provides a starting point for your own implementations. A step-by-step guide is available in the software pack’s Doc folder: Google_IoT_MDK.html.

The Google IoT cloud defines specific topics. More information is available here:

Building blocks

The following MDK-Packs provide the basic building blocks that are required to connect to the Google Cloud IoT Core. These software packs are available from the Pack Installer:

Software Packs for Google Cloud Platform
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