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What's new in MDK v5.29

Includes Arm Compiler 6.13 and MDK-Middleware 7.10.0
Improved µVision debug support

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Keil MDK is the most comprehensive software development solution for Arm-based microcontrollers and includes all components that you need to create, build, and debug embedded applications.

MDK Version 5.29 contains Arm Compiler 6.13 and MDK-Middleware 7.10.0. It introduces support for the ARmv8.1-M architecture extensions and adds the latest Arm debug interface specification v6 to µVision.

New: Arm Compiler 6.13.1

A major addition is support for Armv8.1-M and the optional M-profile Vector Extension (MVE). MVE brings several unique architectural features which enable higher performance in DSP and machine learning kernels.

New: MDK-Middleware 7.10.0

The following changes have been made in MDK-Middleware 7.10.0:

File System Component

  • added ftime_set and ftime_get functions used to manage the file or directory timestamps
  • added status codesfsAlreadyExists and fsNotDirectory that allow more control when using fmkdir, frmdir and fchdir
  • added functionfversion used to retrieve the version of the FileSystem component
  • enhanced error reporting for File System functions used by theStandard I/O Routines (use errno to retrieve last error code)
  • corrected bug in frmdir when using option /S and name cache which could cause a file to become inaccessible after rename operation

Network Component

  • corrected possible memory corruption in CHAP authentication, when PPP interface used in client mode, and the server generates CHAP challenges of less than 16 bytes
  • added support for user accounts in HTTP server Digest authentication
  • added support for passwords stored as MD5 hash value HA1
  • added support for Digest access authentication in HTTP server
  • corrected memory issue when receiving fragmented broadcast message
  • corrected return code from BSD_EINVAL to BSD_ESOCK if BSD socket is not created
  • improved robustness in BSD sockets
  • corrected filtering for link-layer addressed UDP messages (datagrams with correct MAC address and invalid IP address are no longer received)

USB Component

  • USB Device/Host: Added thread name for all threads created by USB stack
  • USB Host: Corrected USBH_Device_GetController/Port/Speed/Address/VID/PID functions to work in device enumeration Initialize callbacks

The Graphics Component remained unchanged.

New/Improved: µVision

  • The µVision debugger now supports ADI v6 (in ULINKplus, ULINKpro, and CMSIS-DAP)
  • Support for Armv8.1-M architecture extensions in disassembler
  • Auto-generated scatter files can manage multiple modules with the same name
  • Running the librarian during the build is skipped if all contained objects are up to date

Updates: Debug drivers and models

The following updates are available:

  • ULINKpro firmware v1.59
  • ST-Link drivers v3.0.7.0
  • NULink drivers v3.01.6951
  • Removed support for Stellaris ICDI
  • Fast Models 11.8
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