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Arm provides software developers working with Nuvoton devices based on the Arm Cortex-M0, Cortex-M0+, and M23 processors with a free-to-use professional tool suite for commercial use.

The free Keil MDK Nuvoton Edition – Cortex-M0/M0+/M23 edition includes the Arm C/C++ Compiler, the Keil RTX5 real-time operating system kernel, and the µVision IDE and debugger.
If you wish to program all of Nuvoton's Arm Cortex-M based devices, purchase the Keil MDK Nuvoton Edition online.

 Download MDK Core

License (LIC)

To activate one of the editions, you need a valid License (LIC).

Go to to receive a valid license. Once you have the email with the license, go to the second step in the Activation paragraph below.

To activate the Keil MDK Nuvoton Edition, visit Arm's online store and buy the extended Nuvoton edition. You will receive a PSN that you can use in the activation step.


In order to use this edition, follow these three easy steps:


  1. Download Arm Keil MDK.
  2. Run the downloaded MDK5xx.exe installer.
  3. Select your installation location (default is C:\Keil_v5). If you have existing MDK installations that you want to keep, select a new folder.
  4. In Pack Installer, click Install to download and install the device family packs supplied by Nuvoton.
    Install packs
  5. MDK is now ready to use. Launch µVision to create new projects.


  • Login with an account that has administration rights.
  • Right-click the µVision icon and select Run as Administrator... from the context menu.
  • Open the dialog File — License Management... and select the Single-User License tab.

License management

  1. Click the button Get LIC via Internet..., then click the button OK to register the product. This action opens the License Management page on the Keil web site. For the extended edition, enter the PSN that you have received via email after purchase. Also, add your contact information and click the button Submit. An e-mail is sent back with the License ID Code (LIC) within a few minutes.
  2. To activate the product, enter the LIC in the field New License ID Code (LIC) of the dialog License Management...
  3. Click Add LIC.

Example projects

  1. Open the Pack Installer from the µVision toolbar.
  2. Switch to the Examples tab. From the list of available example select the example you want to install. The Devices tab allows to filter for specific devices or device series.
    Example project
  3. When pressing Copy, a dialog box will ask for the desired destination. The example will be directly installed into this folder. Folders that do not exist will be created automatically.
    Copy project
    Tick Launch µVision to open the project after installation.
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