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Many products for such markets as household appliances, automotive, industrial and healthcare have regulatory requirements to be certified against functional safety (FuSa) standards. For example, IEC 61508 for electrical systems, ISO 26262 for the automotive industry, IEC62304 for medical systems, and EN 50128 for railway applications.

Within the standards, there are multiple safety integrity levels (SIL) that specify formal methods to be used during development for verifying that the application code, software components and toolchains are safe for the intended use.

Software Development V Model
Arm Safety Ready PC-Lint Code coverage Event Recorder

Effective software development for safety-related markets

Developing and optimizing complex safety-related applications is challenging and time costly. 

Arm provides software, tools and platforms dedicated for functional safety – they simplify system design and accelerate the verification and certification process.    

MDK tools for FuSa development

Arm Keil MDK equips software engineers with professional tools that support the V-model development process and simplify creation, analysis and verification of complex embedded applications. 

MDK Features
Safety-qualified Arm C/C++ compilerMDK-Professional provides access to safety-qualified Arm C/C++ compiler and its supporting documentation
Static Code analysis and MISRA checkingMDK provides native integration with code verification tools such as PC-Lint and Parasoft C/C++ test
Code coverageMDK with ULINKpro enables non-intrusive code coverage on target hardware visa streaming instruction trace
Continuous integrationMDK has a command line interface for test automation and can be uses with Contiuous Integration (CI) tools such as Jenkins
Simulation modelsMDK-Professional enables robust regression testing at function and modul level using Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVP) models
RTOS-aware debugging
MDK provides full visibility into RTOS operation thus simplifying system debug and optimization.
Timing analysis Event Recorder provides status details of software components and includes time information.
Event Statistics show average, min and max execution times.

Arm Functional Safety Run-Time System

Arm offers the Functional Safety Run-Time System (FuSa RTS), a set of qualified components for Cortex-M microcontroller​s that lets developers use the highest safety integrity levels (SIL) for their end applications.

FuSa RTS provides a reliable, more secure, and highly optimized software platform that enables engineers to shift their efforts from low-level software layers onto the value-add application code.

Learn more about Arm FuSa RTS...

Arm FuSa RTS
Arm FuSa RTX RTOS Event Recorder CMSIS-Core Arm FuSa C library Software Test Libraries CMSIS-Core

Arm Safety Compiler

Arm offers a Arm Compiler Qualification Kit to develop functional safety applications and help customers achieve certification by providing confidence-building evidence which can be used to make a toolchain justification argument.
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